We have expressions in every language to avoid the word death , but whatsoever we do , it is there . And everybody knows that it is there . From the very moment a child is born , death follows him . Every day it is with you , and one has to encounter it , one has to see it face – to face and come to terms with it .

The only way is meditation. Meditation means becoming aware : ” Who am I ? Am I the body or the mind , or am I something more , something different ? ” Meditation means becoming aware inside your being , becoming alert , watchful , witnessing . Only meditation can make you aware that you are deathless .In fact , even if you want to die , you cannot , there is no way to die . You were never born and you will never die . You were there before birth and you will remain after death . Birth is only entering into a certain body and death is leaving that certain body – but you are eternal .