Love cleanses you of all impurities – anger , jealousy , hatred , possessiveness , domination . All the trips of the ego simply disappear , just like dust disappears when you take a shower . Love is a shower of the spirit , it cleanses you . It makes you pure like a small child , innocent . And out of that innocence is beauty , out of that innocence is grace , out of that innocence is ultimately the experience of godliness . We have to be worthy to experience godliness . We have to create the right situation , only then can we invite it to come in .

Even if an ordinary guest comes to your house you clean the house , you decorate it , you arrange the furniture , you make everything give a sense of welcome so the guest feels at home , welcomed , loved . And when we invite godliness we have to prepare our own inner being because that is the place into which we can invite it . Love cleanses the inner world . Love is alchemical , it transforms your very chemistry . It makes you a new person , gives you a new birth .