Existence is like an ocean and we are waves dancing in the sun, singing in the sun, disappearing again and again and appearing again and again. There is no birth, no death – we are eternal.

Only superficially does it appear that a wave is born and then dies, but that is just superficial because it always remains the same. Sometimes it is manifest, sometimes it is rising toward the sun with a deep longing to touch the sky, to reach the stars, and the next moment it is relaxing deep into the ocean, resting. Death is rest. And when rest is over, the wave rises again. It is eternal recurrence; we go on coming again and again and again. There is no need to be afraid of death because death is false and, naturally, birth is false too. We existed before birth and we still exist after death.

Once you start feeling this, not believing but experiencing this, all fear disappears. And the energy that is involved in fear is released and becomes love. It is the same energy as that which becomes fear. Once fear is no longer there, tremendous energy is released and that energy becomes love. It starts radiating through you, reaching other people. You start overflowing with love.