This young lady spreads laughter and happiness in her very own immaculate way.
We have discovered a new internet star in this beautiful young lady by the name Mallika Dua. She started with Dubsmash clips and then graduated to videos that got people hooked. Her first video got people thinking about the bargain-hunting hot spots across our cities in a brand new way.
She even made Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar market a topic for serious discussion as well as a source of entertainment. So much so that the very same people who often shopped here but didn’t own the fact, were seen actually boasting about their Sarojani Nagar hauls.
Mallika Dua, a 26-year-old copywriter from Delhi is incidentally senior journalist Vinod Dua’s younger daughter. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The video, made by Delhi-based studio A Little Anarky and listings site Little Black Book, was shot in five hours straight, with the Sarojini Nagar shopkeepers joining the five-member team with great enthusiasm.
Mallika wrote the script and then discussed it with LBB and the production house for the shoot. However, a lot of the act was spontaneous too. She says with a hearty laugh that although vlog people keep talking about the stereotypical Delhi girl. Actually, there are so many kinds of them and Sarojini is where you can spot each type. Every Delhi girl has to come to Sarojini to shop.
In her equally amusing and intelligent Dubsmash videos, Dua has for company her father, Vinod Dua. Awarded the Padma Shri in 2008 for journalism, Dua is a familiar name and face for Indian television news watchers. He is seen happily playing an enthusiastic participant in his daughter’s hilarious Dubsmash videos. One of the videos even stars the entire Dua family, with Mallika’s mother joining the Dubsmash party, too.

After this Sarojini Nagar video of her’s, Mallika came up with another highly articulate video about Sex Survey 16 done by India Today. You can watch and find many of the characters hidden and exposed equally brightly in her inimitable style. This young Delhi girl sure is way ahead on her journey to happiness.