Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
We need to be careful about our thoughts and feelings for they have magnetic qualities. Wherever we are putting our energy and focus, consciously or unconsciously, we are attracting such situations into our life. We are happy or unhappy not because of external situations and persons, but how well we are flowing with the natural flow of life. Thoughts that rob our peace of mind appear in our subconscious, the goal is to just watch them as passing clouds and not resist, judge or energise them, but just go with the flow and let them go.
Only meditation or practice of mindfulness can bring us more to this present moment awareness of life’s flow to create that pause in us where we can find our quiet power and invoke the divine potential to face the negative and gradually win it by our spiritual strength. This victory will be sustainable for we are learning to surf with the flow of life. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Daily meditation not only neutralizes the negative impact of suppressed anger and frustrations but also builds the muscle of our mind to have more immunity to stand the challenges of the negative environment. Yes, we may waste our time in fixing the things outside, we might be successful in the short run but they will come back and bump us again and again in course of time, destabilising us. The only solution therefore is to create an attitude of love and empathy to handle situations with a calm meditative mind within.
If we feel disturbed we need only just lovingly observe our breaths. How the universe is flowing in and out. We then become calm. But if we surrender to unconscious negative thoughts then we are creating wrong patterns. Mindful breaths will ward off all negative vibrations and usher in the bliss of positive light. Try it! Do it many times during the day! The benefits are remarkable!
We also can transform our simple things of daily life into acts of mindful meditation.
We do whatever we are doing but bring the dimension of being aware of the Doer within. If we are taking a shower then we bathe in divine light that cleanses not our skin alone but our mind of all negative dirt and dross. The more we awaken to our inner glory the more ego is transmuted into pure awareness, love flows from us and everything happens as a flow.
The newness and freshness of the day lingers as we face life’s challenges without resistance but flow with the flow of life! The good news is that with a deeper understanding of the power of our mind we can develop a very powerful vision of life that will flow like WATER through the bumpy rides and help us keep our inner calm. The simple way is to reprogram the mind in the art of acceptance first and then finding solutions that can work. We stop resisting and practice patience, forgiveness, compassion and surrender to the higher Will to transform our road blocks into an easy flowing life.