Sahil Gadhavi

 During a recent new year get together I had a chance to meet a eighteen year old youngester enjoying his newly acquired adulthood. My interaction with him revealed that he has a bit different family life and I felt that what he is narrating probably is the new normal of arising social order in which family has a greater role to play provided the member of the family feel that they have a role in each other’s life. 

Family and its members are the backbone that help you build your whole life on. Your happiness has much to do with your happy family life. The very foundations of your life and what sort of a person that you will be are laid at home. From a young age, we learn by observing other people and up until a certain age, the only people we spend the most time with are our own family. So, most of the things that stay with us all our lives are learnt from observing our very own family. Monkey see, monkey do. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.

 Our morals, our education, our view of the world are all influenced heavily by our family, and as we grow older we get separated from it. We feel like exploring what is outside of the home and inadvertently distance ourselves from our loved ones. Whether it is to travel, to study, or for work, we see them less and less because of it.

 Can you imagine a few decades ago when we didn’t even have the technologies we have access to today? Some of you do not even need to imagine, you lived it. With the accessibility to talk to our loved ones no matter where we are, we can rely on their support and guidance whenever we need it. But, how often do we seek it, or even better, offer it?

 Distracted by phones, and tablets, and computers, we are constantly lost in our own worlds. It is a fact that people spend more time with devices than they do with their families with an average of 4 hours spent on devices and about half an hour with family. It was found from a survey conducted of 2000 people that emails and text messages are now the prime source of communication between family members.

 We are adapting to a new way of life, and it will take time to set a new equilibrium. It is a difficult journey we must all take as we traverse the unknown realm of technology infused lives. When the whole world is at our fingertips, we now have many more choices to choose from. What, and who we spend our time on is entirely up to us. No matter where we are, we can always be there for our family, and that is one of the better uses of technology; it has made the family structure mobile. So use it.

 It is important, heading into the unknown that we all are, to appreciate one’s family. Be good to your family, y’all!