Culture has not been able to come into being because of the family. We think that the unit of our family is everything – if the family is there, then we have everything. And the sicknesses which the family has given birth to never occur to us. Family is the first imprisonment. If it is broken, then all other imprisonment can also be broken because they are all born from the first imprisonment.
The family preaches religion, the family preaches cast, the family preaches nationhood. Once a man becomes bound to a family, than he becomes bound to the cast of that family. When he becomes bound to the cast, then he is bound to the religion. And when he is bound to the religion, than he becomes bound to the nation. And so the family gives us the sickness of thousands of years. Every family passes on to its sons the dust of thousands of years of sickness, Bequeath all its sickness in its will. But we call it education; we say the parents are educating the child. The parents are burdening their son with the past. Education cannot be the burden of the past, education will always be liberation for the future; education will always be an orientation for the future. But an education which is tied to the family will make him turn back to the past. The future is not of the family the future is of the person, the family has only a past. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Remember, the family has no future. All the wealth of the family lies in the past, in the dead past. And everything about a person lies in the future. In the unborn future. In the name of the family, we thrust all the tradition and dogmas on a person for his as yet unborn future. He becomes bound there and then and enclosed. He becomes past oriented; he is no longer oriented toward the future.
So, that a woman who does not tie her son to the family, and does not bind him with the past, but makes him a free man for the future, really loves her son. A man who loves his son, but does not thrust his doctrines, his thoughts, his religion and cast on him, really loves his son. And the man who bequeath his religion, his cast, his family, and all the traditions, is certainly the enemy of his son because he has tied him to the past.