Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Whenever our mind loses its anchor to our innate luminous higher mind it gets sucked into the tyranny of distraction and dis-balance that is so natural to the lower unconscious mind. If this continues it leads to frustration and starvation of the soul.  We then mourn the loss of our best friend: our mind in communion with our own inner Spirit, nourished by our deepest Being.  We start manifesting the symptoms of the disease of unhappiness.
The secret of being healthy and happy in life is to remove the cause of the disease of unhappiness. If we are caught in a vicious cycle of repetitive negativity, the symptoms of unhappiness may leave us for a brief time when we have a new material pleasure or possession, but they always reappear with a vengeance. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The thoughts we want to avoid, the situations that are very unpleasant, the reactions we don’t want are the things that always come to us unasked. Why do we put ourselves through such misery? A good doctor is one who does not treat the symptoms of disease but trains the mind of the patient to change that which causes the symptoms. Likewise the situations around us are symptoms of a disease that needs our inner attention at its roots. When we remove the cause, we are back to health and balance.
In a slow and gradual process our mind gets infected with the virus of negative attitudes about things around us and our own personal growth. When it happens, it happens in silence because our attention is somewhere else. But when the symptoms show up, they manifest in the form of an inner imbalance. Just as this imbalance has not happened overnight, we must not seek a quick fix to this self-created problem. We must understand that if we have created it then we are the only ones who can undo it. Once the mind resolves to remedy this and is determined to begin, then it starts working in the reverse direction to get back what was lost.
Therefore it is extremely important that we are a good doctor or friend to our mind, spending adequate time in meditation and mindfulness practices in order to observe and examine our mind to discover the ultimate cause of our disease of unhappiness. We begin with gentle self-examination and discover there is an inner conversation going inside us round the clock. Most often if we become conscious of this talk inside we will see that this constant conversation is not very positive but rather self-defeating. We are surprised that when others are judgmental about us, we feel so reactive, whereas we are unaware of the fact that we are critically and hurtfully judgmental about our own self! This is an example of how we can be our own worst enemy. Positive criticism for correction is good but unconscious self-condemnation defeats the very purpose of life, which is celebration. Watch out! We need to be our good friend and not our worst enemy.
A true solution is a resolution that reaches into the source of the difficult pattern. That is more essential than a superficial fix that we all do when faced with an ordeal or problem that causes the negative voice within to begin its taunt. This is a time tested simple art by which we can transform that lower voice and its stings to a higher voice of acceptance, self-love and self-forgiveness.
We begin by shifting our consciousness from the hurtful, judgmental thoughts going on in our mind to a relaxation response of focusing on our breath. We purposefully take three deep inhalations and three deep exhalations, counting the breaths. Just by being with the breath and the mind flowing with the breath we can instantly see a change dawning upon our consciousness. Once we shift our mind’s focus away from the negative, judgmental voice to the positive powerful voice of our inner best friend, the transformation begins. Our mind is instantly in communion with our own inner Spirit and nourished by our deepest Being.  We start manifesting wellness and balance in our body-mind, anchored to the still small voice of our mind’s best friend, the voice of Self-acceptance and Self-love within.