Everybody is a piece of rock. Unless you attain to your uttermost glory, you are bound to be a piece of rock. But nothing is wrong in being a piece of rock. Because the piece of rock is nothing but a God fast asleep, snoring. A piece of rock is god asleep. Nothing is wrong in the piece of rock, it has to be awakened.
Initiation is an effort by a master to awake you, and an effort to shake you and an effort to shock you into awareness. Initiation is nothing but an alarm. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
That is how a rock avoids its own growth, the rock avoids its own future – by dreaming. Dreaming is the barrier. By dreaming we are avoiding the reality, by dreaming we avoid the real. It is our escape. You don’t have any other escape. This is the only escape route – Dreaming.
When you are listening to a master, you can dream also. Sitting with the master you can have a thousand and one thoughts roaming around in your mind. You can think of the future or of the past. You can be for and against to what a master says, you can argue, you can debate with him inside yourself but then you are missing the master. He is a fact here, you need not dream here you can just be here with him. and tremendous will be the result of it.
But We go on dreaming. People are dreamers, and that is their way. When they are making love to a woman then they are dreaming; when they are are eating they are dreaming. when they are walking on the road  – they have gone for a walk in the morning, the sun is rising, the day is beautiful, the people are getting up, the life is coming back again – they are dreaming. The are not looking at anything. We go on dreaming. Dreaming functions as a blind fold, and we go on missing the reality.