When a higher force acts upon us, we need not rely upon our own limited capacities. Just think of the oxygen tank worn by a scuba diver it allows him to breathe under water, which normally he could not do. This enable him to dive deeper in the ocean and remain submerged for longer periods of time. Similarly, transmission enables us to access levels of consciousness that could normally take years or even decades to achieve on our own. There are also certain passes that nearly impossible to access. Transmission keeps us moving through all of them.
Some stages of spiritual journey can be extremely attractive to the seeker. They are filled with such joy, peace, and bliss. Infact, they are so compelling we become tempted to settle down there and abandon spiritual journey altogether. But this would be like staying in the same school class year after year. There would be no evolution. Sadly, many seekers loose their way like this. Transmission will never allow for this, however. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Some stages are so wondrous that we think their is nothing more to achieve. I made it! we think. But there is always something more. It is an infinite journey, after all. In an infinite journey, the path itself becomes the goal. It is to put one foot in front of the other and continue evolving. Transmission provides us with that evolutionary pull. It literally plucks us out of one stage and deposit us in the next, at just the right moment. In that sense, it acts as safeguard, preventing stagnation at any stage of the country. Otherwise , we could remain in certain places fora very long time. In fact, we could remain there for ever.
Forever? you see, every stage can be infinite. In mathematics, for instance, you can have a line that has no beginning and no end. It stretches to infinity in both directions. But  is it actual infinite? It is only a line. It is one dimensional. In a similar way it is possible to expand infinitely in a sort of one dimensional fashion. that is what happens when we stop moving, when we are satisfied with what ever we have already achieved.