Modern cellular biologists are totally convinced that it is not the DNA or a gene that we inherit from parents that decide how we function but the decider is the “environment”. Hence cells can be reprogrammed. It is our thoughts and beliefs that create the “environment”. This is a revolutionary finding that comes to us to enlighten us about how important our thoughts and beliefs are to have a healthy mind body. The goal is to create a healthy ‘thought-belief’ environment so that we can live happily and let others live happily too. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
It is all about what environment we are creating inside of us that decides the fate of life. Habitual patterns are deep grooves in our brain and therefore force us to act unconsciously but once we start meditating a new groove can be created, this is neuro-plasticity.
The mind is sheer programming; neuro-plasticity tells us that mind is fluid, flexible and ready for reprogramming anytime. So if anything is bothering us or if we want to achieve anything, we have to seed the mind with that thought with passionate belief. Therefore, before falling asleep and on waking up, we relax, breathe and impregnate our subconscious with that thought that we want to change. We do this daily till the miracle of awakening unfolds.
But as long as we listen to the conversations of our mind without beginning to seed the mind with new beliefs so long we are restless. The day we stop being dictated by our mind, and start listening to the whispers of the Atman, the soul, we transcend the world of misery and are in perennial bliss.
How do we do this in the midst of the crazy lives we are forced to live due to the uncontrollable external situations? Realise one thing first; we are not here to fix everything and everyone. We are here to realise a deeper, higher purpose of our soul. We are missing soul connection. When we connect to our breath and let our calmed mind connect us to our soul we begin the reprogram our mind to this soul connection and we will be in a true happy state that we wish to be.
The research comes to the same points again and again that it is our environment (our subconscious, ingrained thoughts) that holds us back. But if we can work further then there is the possibility to even transcend the mental or brain patterns, to the world beyond the material brain to the world of soul consciousness.  The one key is living a meditative life for many meditation practitioners are seen to exhibit signs of super human qualities and powers and also infinite depths of love and wisdom, all without the slightest effort on the part of their illumined consciousness.
Yes, we are what our subconscious programming is. This is our habitual pattern of both thoughts and emotions. We have been given the gift of neuro-plasticity. If we want to see a better tomorrow we need to work consciously to rephrase our thoughts with words of positive affirmations right now, for that would be the right gift we can give to our self! Let us live and love the moments.