ध्यान की शुरुआत कैसे करें | Beginner’s guide to Meditation Peeyush Prabhat

ध्यान की शुरुआत कैसे करें | Beginner’s guide to Meditation |Peeyush Prabhat Meditation is the essence of life. By meditation we can achieve anything and everything.. But many of us don’t know how to meditate and they don’t have access to meditation centre or may be they are lacking time… So in this video I will teach you step by step how to start and deepen your meditation practice.. Invite Dr. Peeyush to speak to your company for personal excellence and peak performance. peeyush.prabhat@gmail.com For PAID coaching with DR Peeyush Contact- 9910429440 Dr. Peeyush is an Orthopedic surgeon, keynote speaker and a Coach, who has combined the scientific research on MIND with wisdom of SPIRITUALITY to unlock the infinite powers of music mind. He has a vision of empowering the hearts to explore their passion and become unstoppable. He is a perfect example of marriage between the advanced medical science of west and sacred spirituality of east. ध्यान कैसे करें ? Meditation How to meditate in hindi meditation in hindi how to meditate for beginners