Travel creates experiences that create joy, widens the horizon and changes perspective. Vacation from work leads to greater level of productivity and energy. It leads to lesser stress and more happiness. However, an ill planned travel can add to your stress and make you feel drained out. Hence, it is important for your travel to be positive and well managed.

Happy Ho Travel Trail is travel with a difference and is meant for those who believe in travelling with an open mind and living every moment of it. We keep the stress away from you as we do planning and bookings in addition to being your partner in your journey of happiness.

Our travel trail is dotted with meditation and talk sessions to enhance your experience and increase your happiness quotient. We prefer to have like-minded people on a tour. If the thought of being in a beautiful destination like Khajuraho with like-minded people, or for that matter a quiet beach or a peaceful hill station appeals to you – join our Travel Passion Trail and return home rejuvenated and happy.