By Shruti 

The Bharatiya Janata Party government in Uttar Pradesh has completed 4 years. Let us look at the achievements of BJP in this period.

The result of the policy of zero tolerance towards crime and criminals of the UP government has been that the incidents of dacoity, robbery, murder, rebellion and rape have come down in the state. 59 new police stations, 29 new outposts, 04 new women police stations, 04 new police stations of Economic Offences Wing, 10 new police stations of vigilance, 16 new police stations of cyber crime and 59 new fire stations have been established in the state.

The ‘Mission Shakti’ campaign was started especially for the welfare of women in the state. Women’s help-desks were set up in police stations at tehsil levels. Girls in UP get several benefits from various schemes of the government.

Corona management in UP has been excellent regarding health facilities. The global organisation WHO has also praised it. Between 2016-17 and 2020-21, 30 new medical colleges are being established in the state. Two new AIIMS (AIl India Institute of Medical Sciences)  have become operational in important towns of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur and Raebarelli.

The biggest challlenge was the financial health of the government. After getting elected to power in 2017 the treasury of the state was empty  On this, the Yogi government was  left with only one option to increase the means of income in Uttar Pradesh itself. VAT used to be 49 thousand crores, government increased it by one thousand crores. Excise has increased from 12 thousand crores to 36 thousand crores. Ensured no pilferage of government money at the hands of dubious people, government ensured the exchequer is protected with desired savings.

Raised the budget of 2 lakh crores to one trillion dollars for Development Projects. Earlier the budget of the state government used to be up to two lakh crores, after coming to power, we brought this budget to 5 thousand crores. In the coming time, Uttar Pradesh will progress in a better way. Money is being spent in the development of the state.

Yogi government focused on Agriculture and MSME for income. this helped Yogi government good results. Income increased and borrowing reduced significantly thus saving crucial interest payout.  The income from sale of registration stamps also increased, which was earlier 9 to 10 crores, now it has reached 25 crores. Mandi leakage was strictly prevented by eliminating the middle-man. With increases income the Yogi government launched several development projects in the state.

The Uttar Pradesh government accelerated the pace of Employment. In March 2017, there was a stay from the court on every government recruitment, Yogi government managed to vacate the stay and ensured employment to 4 lakh youth of the state. Ease of Doing Business has been the Key. UP Ranked at 14th place in 2016 and today it stands at 1st  place.

Law and Order was the next priority of Yogi Government.  It implemented law and order strictly in the state. Government followed zero tolerance towards crime and law and order violations. Yogi government ran successful campaigns towards illegal encroachments. illegal constructions of mafia were demolished. Fiefdoms of criminals is destroyed by swift and stern actions of the Yogi Government.

It is said that If you are being opposed, then assume that you are doing well. After coming to power, Government had the goal changing the perception of Uttar Pradesh. Earlier the citizens of UP were looked upon with suspicion, now they are being looked upon with respect, this is an achievement. Government is confidently moving forward with this aim. It has been 4 years of Yogi government, not a single riot has  happened.  UP also had a flourishing kidnapping industry. For the last 4 years, the kidnapping industry in UP has come to a complete standstill. Organised crime is at the lowest level. The law and order system of UP is one of the best in the country. We have instilled confidence among the investors including the daughters of UP.