Mindful among the mindless, awake while others dream, swift as a race horse, he outstrips the field.
Sleep has to be broken—and when sleep is broken, nobody is awake; only awakening is there. Nobody is enlightened, only enlightenment is there. An enlightened person cannot say “I”, even if he has to use the word it is just a verbal thing, has to be used because of the society. It is a just a rule of the language; otherwise he has no “I” feeling.
The world of things disappears-and then what happen? When the world of things disappears, your attachment to things falls, your obsession with things falls. The things themselves don’t disappear; on the contrary, things for the first time appear as they are. Then you are not clinging, obsessed; then you are not coloring reality with your own desires, your own hopes and frustrations. Then the world is not a screen for your desires to be projected on. When your desires drop, the world is there but it is a totally new world. It s so fresh, it is so colorful, it is so beautiful! But a mind attached to things cannot see it because the eyes, are closed with attachment. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
A totally new world arises when the mind disappears, thoughts disappear, thoughts disappear.  It is not that you become mindless- on the contrary you become mindful. Buddha uses the term “right mindfulness” all the time. When the mind disappear and thoughts disappear you become mindful. You do things – you move, you work, you eat, you sleep, but you are always mindful. The mind is not there, but mindfulness is there. What is mindfulness? It is awareness. It is perfect awareness.
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