Mere existence is not life. And people are only existing, vegetating, somehow surviving. For survival, bread and butter, and shelter are enough, but there will be no grandeur, no splendor. Your inner sky will remain utterly dark. There will be no stars, no full-moon night.

One has to rebel against all the nonsense that is being taught from the outside by the universities, by the churches, by the priests, by the politicians. One has to rebel against each and everything. It is a long, long conspiracy, very deep-rooted. Unless one rebels against it all in toto… You cannot say: “We can choose a few good things and we can drop the others,the bad things…” They are all interconnected. If you choose one thing, others will come in its wake. One has to drop it totally; there is no question of Choosing. They are all interdependent,  they exist as one organism.

Rebellion means dropping the whole past are living in the present without any tradition, without any mind, without any knowledge; living like a child, as if you are the first man.

Drop the past as if it never existed, always start from ABC: fresh, from scratch. And you will have a beautiful life; you will have an adventurous life. You will have an ecstatic quality in your life.