Bliss is music, music that arises when all your parts – your body, your mind, your heart and your being – are functioning in deep harmony; then your life becomes an orchestra.

Ordinarily there is only noise, no music. The body goes on shouting out its own desires; they ask for their fulfillment, not taking care of any other needs. The mind goes on insisting on its own ambitions, desires, but not bothering at all about the heart, always ready to sacrifice everything for its own fulfillment. The heart goes on hankering for its own feelings, emotions, love. And the being is an absolutely neglected part; we have completely forgotten about it. It goes on whispering in a still, small voice within you, but nobody listens because the body is very loud and the mind is very articulate, and the heart is very persistent. Although the mind goes on saying that the heart is a fool, an idiot, mad and not to bother about it, the heart does not take any note of the mind; it goes on doing its things in spite of the mind. It will fall in love and it will do a thousand and one things about which the mind was saying “Don’t do it.” And the body goes on in its own way.

So we are almost a crowd; not one person, not a unity, not an organic unity. And that’s what is missing.

This life can become a harmony. All these parts which are playing solo can become part of an orchestra. You just need a guide which can bring all these four elements together, can help them to understand each other, can help them to help each other. That’s what happens through meditation, through awareness. Awareness becomes the guide and slowly, slowly, it persuades every different section of your being to come into closer harmony.