Life has many beautiful things, but nothing can be compared to the beauty of meditation. There are many beautiful flowers and beautiful stars and sunrises and sunsets and beautiful people, but the flower of meditation, the star of meditation, the sunrise of meditation, is incomparable. It leads you into the world of godliness, it takes you beyond your mind projections.

Once you have known what meditation is, once you have tasted the silent nectar of it, then whatsoever you see is transformed through your seeing. The same trees, the same birds, the same people, are no longer the same. Everyone seems to be luminous, so full of juice, so full of eternal life: one is surrounded by gods and goddesses.

Then life is really worth living. Then each moment is such a joy and such a gift that one is constantly grateful. That grate- fulness is prayer. Prayer is the fragrance of meditation. One cannot really pray if one has not meditated.