Employee Assistance

The pandemic hit us out of nowhere. Just like most of life’s problems do. Apart from the malevolentvirus, it has also brought down the already shaky wall of emotions in many people.

While some have been struggling to land a job, others have been stressing over finding a way a balance between fulfilling professional duties and dedicating time to the family chores.

Are you in-the-know of your employee’s emotional state?

Happy Ho is uniquely positioned to empower people, in this case, your employees to fix that creaky wall of emotions from within, and build a culture of appreciation.

Do you know what’s the root cause of low employee morale?

If you are thinking a salary bump or a designation hike can keep your employees happy then you would be quite far from truth.

While a salary bump might bring temporary excitement and delight, long-term cultural shifts and making your employees feel valued is the key to bringing about a significant change.

Happy and satisfied employees are bound to go beyond their basic responsibilitiesatwork.They would have more willingness to help others, be more constructive, and devote themselves proactively towards their own development within the organisation.

We understand it can be difficult for employees to completely open up and pour their heart out to organisation leaders. This is where Happy Ho comes in. Our small, yet passionate team will provide one-on-one assistance to your employees, either on voice call, or via video call. Of course, it goes without saying, we are more than happy to conduct these sessions in-person as well.

Now you must be wondering, why would the employees in your organisation share their qualms and worries with us.

Anonymity. That’s why.

We at Happy Ho, take anonymity very seriously. All the conversation we have with your employees will be confidential. If the employees do not wish to, they needn’t reveal their names as well.

The employee assistance program offered by Happy Ho can help you enhance the Happiness Quotient and Emotional Quotient of your workforce, which in turn will reflect in their performance.