Jwalant Swaroop

Jwalant Swaroop


Jwalant Swaroop is an eminent name among media and marketing fraternity. He is recognised for transcending challenging boundaries to attain great heights. In the three decades he has spent in the industry, he has been a catalyst of change due to his thinking, power of expression and style of functioning. A master of relationship management, he has synchronised a number of teams to organisation goals through personal mentoring and training.

The trait that makes people warm up to him instantly, however, is his joyfulness. He has mastered the art of being happy and staying stress free even while facing chaos and conflicts. An ardent follower of Osho, he has also gained expertise in neuro linguistic programming.

He is a firm believer that happiness not only enhances the quality of life for individuals, but also improves the work culture of organisations in a big way. He has demonstrated to individuals that happiness can be enhanced. He has also consulted organisations, which have since felt the impact employee happiness has had on their work culture, attrition rate and performance. His proactive and engaging sessions initiate the process of change – towards happiness infinite.

He has proved that the fastest way to learn skills and abilities required to be happy is relying on someone who is skilled at living them and is effective at teaching them.

He launched Happiness Infinite in the year 2014 with the aim to create happiness-centric solutions for individuals, groups, organisations and enterprises.

While Happiness Infinite has a number of mentors, yogis and therapists on board as consultants, Jwalant conducts NLP sessions himself as well. His sessions are well attended and inspire change in thinking pattern, and thereby leading to happiness.

Jwalant is supported in his endeavours by a small team that like him, believes that happiness can be boosted through right guidance and action.

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