Rohit’s transformation with coaching

Rohit (name changed), an ambitious, well-placed executive and a rising star of the organisation he was working at, was having trouble keeping his insecurity at bay.

Even though he was a star-performer, he would often be underwhelmed to learn the news of a teammate’s elevation. This would result in frequent outbursts on his team members over little things. Sometimes, he would even resort to using abusive language, bringing down the team’s morale to a new low.

A peculiar thing about Rohit was, he was aware of his shortcomings and had an elephant’s memory. He could remember all the details of his troubled outbursts and would later feel remorse over his behaviour. One of his superiors noticed this, and referred him to Happy Ho.

When Rohit met our Coach for the first time, he was apprehensive about opening up to a stranger, as most people are. Over the course of the first two sessions, our Coach patiently heard Rohit’s dilemma and let him ease into the discussion.

Subsequently, our coach identified underlying issues in Rohit’s personal life as well, which he wasn’t aware of. Though everything seemed calm on the surface, Rohit would often unwittingly let his insecurities get the best of him at home as well.

Satisfied with the understanding that had formed between him and our Coach, Rohit booked 15 sessions with the Happy Ho coach to see him through his troubles.

Over the course of next few sessions, our coach applied a mix of apropos meditative techniques and guided Rohit through his frustrations and setbacks to steer him towards the intended transformation.

Within the first five sessions itself, Rohit could feel himself imbued with positive energy. Our Coach advised him to apply the methods he had learned during the course of the sessions at work to see his progress.

Rohit could already see a huge transformation in the tone of voice of his written communications to his team. His team members could see and feel the difference when he came back to work after nearly a month of vacation.

Our coach received a call from his superior, congratulating him on the transformation he had brought about in Rohit’s personality. Our coach was quick to correct him and highlight Rohit’s own willingness to unlearn, relearn, and apply the proposed methods to his life.

The positive effects of Rohit’s transformation could also be seen by his wife at home. He had become more involved and approachable than before. He had learned to not argue over nitty-gritties of everyday life, and had become more light-hearted than he was before.