Anusha’s transformation with coaching

The best way to stress upon the impact of working with a coach is to elucidate with real life examples. Isn’t it?

Anusha (name changed), a young, driven media professional working with one of the biggest pharmaceutical organisations in India, came to us one day with a peculiar problem she was facing at work. Her role required her to conduct a thorough research, backed by substantial data before publishing any piece of content. Now being the kind of industry that Pharma is, the amount of research conducted by the organisation was quite extensive, and it quickly took a toll on her.

The mounting pressure resulted in irregular work hours, which in turn brought its own horde of problems. Distressed by the way things were turning out, Anusha decided to engage in a dialogue with our coach at Happy Ho.

Her first session with the Happy Ho coach involved an off-the-cuffconversationto dig into the root cause of what was troubling her.

During the session our coach also shared some meditative techniques that resulted in Anusha peacefully drifting off to sleep, something she hadn’t been able to do in a long time.

Anusha subsequently booked 12 sessions with us,one session conducted per week,during which our coach identified the underlying problem was deep-rooted, and to an extent stemmed from her troubled personal life as well.

Having lost her mother early on, Anusha did not share amicable relation with her siblings. Her father was always embroiled in work and had little time to spare at home. She was already in her late-thirties and had not found an ideal life-partner yet. She couldn’t remember the last time she had laughed outright.

With every subsequent session, Anusha would come back and share how having better clarity and perspective was helping her identify more and more problems which she had earlier believed to be innocuous.The sessions also helped her come to the realisation that she was in the right profession, but wrong organisation.

Towards the end of the sessions, Anusha was laughing again, like she had never before. Her relation with her siblings were improving, and she was consciously driving her professional aspirations, instead of the other way round.

Let’s take a look at one more instance where a Happy Ho coach made a huge impact on an executive’s transformational journey.