Amit’s transformation with coaching

One day, our coach received a call from the head of sales of a leading IT firm in Noida. He had called with a peculiar problem plaguing one of his top performers. He had a terrible fear of heights, which was impacting his growth within the firm.

When Amit, the star performer of the IT firm came to meet our coach for the first time he came across as a very confident young man. He was a smooth talker andhad stable behaviour, exhibiting no signs of any inhibitions plaguing him.

One winter afternoon, our coach and Amitwere walking down the street after a lunch meet when a Dreamliner flew over them. While everyone, including our coach looked up to admire the gigantic aircraft, Amit’s eyes were averted. When asked, he confessed to hating airplanes. Whenever he had to travel, he would prefer travelling bytrain or by road.

Amit had an inherent fear of heights. His fear was so deeply entrenched that he could not travel alone in a lift/elevator. In office, he always preferred using stairway over lift. Even his house was located on the ground floor.

Our coach returned to HappyHo’s office with Amit and took him to the office building’s terrace. Once there, he asked Amit to take a peek down the terrace. Amit began to sweat profusely and was unable to gather the courage to complete the task.

Our coach understood that Amit’s fear of height was stunting his professional growth. Having a bird’s eye view and growing within the organisation was akin to standing atop a tall tower for Amit.

In his next session, our Coach invited Amit’s wife to accompany him. When asked about their previous vacation, she revealed they had rarely gone on a vacation after marriage. On the couple of occasions when they had gone for a vacation via an airplane, Amit would hold onto his wife’s hand throughout the duration of the flight and worry incessantly about his safety.

Over the next couple of sessions, our coach started NLP interventions for Amit, including powerfulreframing process. Apart from these, Amit was also taught several tantra meditation techniques.

Combination of these techniques, over a period of time made Amit accept height as a virtue, and not as a demon. He started becoming friendly with height.

After various interventions, our coach decided to see the impact of the training by taking Amitto the terrace once again. When asked to look down, Amit un-hesitantly stepped towards the parapet and looked over the skyline of the city. The sessions with our coach had empowered him to admire the beauty of height, instead of fearing it.

The head of sales of the IT firm in which Amit worked also called up our coach and shared the huge shift in his confidence and work style he had observed in Amit.

Certain negative emotions impact your behaviour which can impact our professional and personal life… There’s no harm in seeking a coach’s help.

There’s nothing to lose, but so much to gain from consulting a coach at HappyHo.