YogAcharya Sumedha

YogAcharya Sumedha

Director Holistic Sciences

A wild joyous woman, a Yogi, a healer! With folded hands, a warm smile, she energetically greets you “Hari Om”.

Ask her and she explains “I Am Hari – the manifest. I Am OM – the unmanifest. I Am Hari Om. And when I fold my hands and greet you saying Hari Om, I accept that you too are both the manifest and unmanifest, you too are Hari and Om. There is no duality. Hari and Om are one. You and me are also one.”

After spending 20 years with the top Advertising Agencies in the country, having the honour of becoming the youngest Creative Director in a span of 6 years(a record in itself), and winning 21 National and International Awards (including DAC Art Director of the Year, Golden Globe for Web Design, Casio Young Achiever etc), she decided to leave Advertising to follow her spiritual interests.

Sumedha began her journey on the path of Yog and Healing, many years ago. Practising Hath Yog and struggling with the quintessential question of “Who am I”, for years…she did extensive studies of the Shiv Sutras, Yoga Sutras and many Dharm Shastras.

And formally trained in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya that firmly follows the teachings of Patanjali.

She says “Patanjali is the Supreme Scientist like none else. He is mind blowing, literally. He has deduced absolute laws of human beings, the ultimate working structure of the human mind. His Yoga is a science. To be here and now. To encounter reality as it is. In his science you don’t experiment but experience. Experiment is outside. Experience is inside. Patanjali’s science is an inside experiment. To build the capacity to be. To be a Drashtah(witness). Then there is nothing but PEACE! And sustaining it, is a practice”.

She is also trained in Energy, Pranic Healing, Chakra Healing and Sound Healing. And her deep shraddha in the power of Mantras, makes her yogic and healing journeys, a deeply spiritual experience.

She has been teaching Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana. Energy/Pranic Healing is her speciality. She also gives discourses on Yog and Tantra Sutras. And is currently taking corporate workshops for those who are keen on striking a harmonious balance between the physical and the metaphysical.

She wrote for, and Swarajya, the two leading online magazines in India, advocating the cause of Indian heritage, our ancient knowledge and the spiritual superiority of Vedic thought and philosophy. And is currently writing her book.

She will often tell you “Inhale in the present…the deep expansive inner peace of Prana. Exhale the past…surrender with gratitude. This journey inside is addictive.”