Vismaya Kabir

Vismaya Kabir

Practice Head – Reiki

Vismaya, a young and style savvy fashion photographer based out of Milwaukee/Chicago area, in the US, finds her higher calling in Reiki. As a certified Reiki healer, she practices not only Reiki Therapy but also Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing. These therapies work with the body’s bio-energetic field to establish emotional, mental and physical balance.

From a young age, Vismaya was fascinated by the concept that we are primarily energy beings in human form and so our mind and body can be healed through balancing this energy field. Today, as a divine channel and alchemist, Vismaya helps in activating the multidimensional experience beyond the fear based mind programming (which focuses only on the physical or material causes of suffering) by helping one understand the energy (karmic) patterns responsible for suffering. 

Such a practice looks at the experience from a higher perspective (of the original soul blueprint/higher intelligence/oversoul) which becomes clouded and remains hidden in deep unconscious because of accumulation of the layers of damages from both current and/or past lifetimes.

She has done a three level Reiki course under the able guidance of Ma Rabiya Desgiri at Heart-To-Heart Rainbow Bridges Reiki Enlightenment Foundation (HHRB) in Pune, and has been giving Reiki to people since. With Reiki she has discovered a way to channel universal healing energy to help create perfect balance in health and wellness for people.

For the uninitiated, Reiki is a form of energy medicine. Healer’s hands are rested on a person’s body to break negative energy. As positive energy is transmitted from the healer to the one being healed, positive energetic vibrations in the cells within his/her body are restored. The entire process has three stages: calming, balancing and healing.

After healing many in India, she is now spreading her wings in the US. As the Practice Head for Reiki at Happy Ho, Vismaya will help restore the client’s health via energy based healing. In this process, once her chakras align with the person she is healing, the energy will flow from her to the person, healing him/her and removing mental and emotional scars.

In Vismaya’s own words, she has a “relationship of hurt, of pain” with her clients because she uses these negative emotions as tools to bring about inner balance within the person. And finally the calm that’s on the inside reflects on the outside, making the client heal holistically.