Satyakam Veetrag Gupta

Satyakam Veetrag Gupta

Practice Head – Meditation

Satyakam Veetrag Gupta is a multi-faceted yogi artist. He has been devoted to teaching meditative, healing and creative arts for last 25 years.

He became a part of Osho culture soon after acquiring his degree in Fine Arts. He has been a disciple of Osho for 36 years, continuously learning and practicing meditation, yoga, art and martial arts. A firm believer in ongoing learning process, he has studied philosophies and methods of Hinduism, Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism, Zen and Sufism. He has also avidly read modern masters like Ramana Maharishi, J Krishnamurti, Nisaragdatta Maharaj.

Satya lives in Goa, teaching meditation and spiritual process to yoga students. He also conducts art meditation workshops in various cities of India.

However, it is his Tai Chi practice spanning 25 years that has made him such a popular trainer and mentor. It is, perhaps, his mastery of Indian classical singing that makes him one with gentle, swaying movements of Tai Chi.  Tai Chi, for the uninitiated is an ancient Taoist art of healing and meditation that uses slow dance-like gentle movements connecting one’s energy to the universal cosmic energy. It brings one’s mind, body and spirit in complete synergy.

He has deep understanding of various spiritual methods which gives his workshops a multidimensional perspective. His each workshop is unique based on the people attending it.

Satya is also a professional singer who holds concerts of Sufi music and sound meditation.