Ravindra Bharti

Ravindra Bharti

Mentor & Guide

Ravindra Bharti began his spiritual journey in earnest in the year 1975. He has been on a journey of self-discovery for the last four decades in the joyful and serene environs of Osho centres. He was an avid follower of Osho and attended many of his discourses even prior to that. His deep connection with Osho was the catalyst for him to bid adieu to his job as a senior pharmaceutical marketing professional.

Osho articulated that ‘one can be in the world, and yet not of the world’. Ravindra Bharti has embraced this thought whole heartedly. While he is on the path of a seeker, he is taking care of his family responsibilities too.

Ravindra has been associated with Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre from the time it came into being and has been guiding new seekers coming to Osho World Galleria ever since. His meditation camps at Oshodham as well as overseas are much sought after. He also leads the essential meditation groups like Mystic Rose, No- Mind and Born Again at Oshodham.

An extensive traveller, he has travelled within himself as well, and explored the creativity, energy and peace that can bring happiness infinite! He has worked with world renowned therapists and derived techniques of spiritualism – a firm believer in sharing everything he has learnt, he is dedicated to guiding and mentoring those seeking spiritual explorations.

His sessions are interesting, enlightening, experiential and highly interactive. He encourages people attending his workshops to be involved and participative. His path-breaking Managing the Buddha Way workshops deal with our emotions of fear, hate, jealousy and love – and propel us on the path of happiness.