Vismaya Kabir

Vismaya Kabir

Practice Head - Reiki

Vismaya, a young and style savvy fashion photographer based out of Milwaikee/Chicago area, in the US, found her higher calling in Reiki. A certified Reiki healer, she practices Reiki Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing. These therapies work with the body’s bio-energetic field to establish emotional, mental and physical balance.

From a young age, Vismaya was fascinated by the concept that we are energy beings in human form and so mind and body can be healed through balancing the energy field.

She found herself inclined to spiritual way of living very early in life and has been practicing various body-mind balancing meditation techniques for years now. As she became aware of immense positivity she felt, and impact of her positive energy on the people she interacted with, she started learning Reiki, with a keen desire to heal people in a much better way.

She did a three level Reiki course under the able guidance of Ma Rabiya Desgiri at Heart-To-Heart Rainbow Bridges Reiki Enlightenment Foundation (HHRB) in Pune, and has been giving Reiki to people since. With Reiki she has discovered a way to channel universal healing energy to help create perfect balance in health and wellness for people.

She feels it is time for her to devote her life in healing people. After healing many in India, she is now spreading her wings in the US. Her positive energy and involvement in meditation have made her Reiki healing far more effective. She says, “Most people I heal through Reiki, Chakra Balancing or Aura Cleansing are amazed at the experience. Even guru ma (Ma Rabiya) told me I was special and my healings were faster as compared to others. Perhaps my practice of meditating regularly for the past 15 years and making sure that my aura was always good has something to do with it.”

As she begins the healing process, her chakras align with the person she is healing, and the energy flows from her to the person, healing him/her and removing mental and emotional scars.

For the uninitiated, Reiki is a form of energy medicine. Healer’s hands are rested on a person’s body to break negative energy. As positive energy is transmitted from the healer to the one being healed positive energetic vibration to the cells within his/her body are restored. It targets chakras and meridian lines. As hands go on these parts of the body, energy starts to move. The entire process has three stages: calming, balancing and healing.

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