Dr. Vinu Kumar

Dr. Vinu Kumar

Practice Head - Detox and nutrition

Dr. Vinu Kumar

Dr Vinu Kumar, the well-known detox and nutrition specialist has changed many a life through her detox, lifestyle management, healthy food habits and naturopathy programmes. Her popularity as scientific nutritionist who believes in a better life the natural way is increasing by the day.

Dr Kumar propagates ‘let food be thy medicine’ and believes that our body has all the healing codes. The programmes offered by her are an outcome of her passion for living right, her learnings and her long standing experience.

She was passionate about health and complete wellness from a very young age and hence pursued courses in homeopathy and naturopathy. Later, her father-in-law became her guiding force and her interest in complete wellness blossomed further in his guidance. She pursued courses in that direction and today she is a certified Raw Chef, Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Personal Trainer.

She not only gets people out of their woes but also guides and supports them in their quest for lifelong wellbeing and happiness. She believes that first step towards any wellness programme is throwing toxins out of body system. Toxics make a person moody, increase stress levels and tired.

She believes that complete wellbeing can be attained only when ‘MIND & BODY’ are in complete harmony. All her programmes work towards attaining this objective. She has successfully blended the science of keeping body healthy with that of keeping mind relaxed, and the outcomes is amazing. Her programs have especially benefited the professionals with sedentary lifestyle, teenagers, adolescents, married couples, new mothers, and senior citizens. She combines her unique way of analysing the body with food analysis suitable for an individual to achieve remarkable results.

A firm believer that one diet plan does not suit all, she focuses on the individual body chemistry and thorough analysis of a person’s mental and physical health. She provides a detailed list of ‘WHAT’ to eat, ‘WHEN’ to eat and the optimal food combinations for the person. She provides a list of the foods that should be avoided and, more importantly, list of foods that are beneficial for that individual. Her recommendations and guidance can be incorporated for a lifetime, keeping the people healthy and happy.

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