Devesh Pandey

Devesh Pandey


Devesh Pandey has been practicing as an astrologer for the past 11 years . He hails from a traditional Brahmin family resident of Guru Gorakhnath city Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh. His Grandfather was a great astrologer who left this material world in May 2010 at the age of 101 years. Devesh ji inclined towards this divine science since his childhood. He grew up in a divine environment of Spirituality in the shadow of his Grandfather. Being a science student he pursued master education in Sanskrit,English and German literature to understand the vedic literature. He started studying and understanding the original sloka/verses of different astrological of different sages and got a pure knowledge of this devine science. He got a jyotish Ratna ‘Upadhi ’from Gorakhnath Sanskrit vidyapeeth. During the last more than 11 years Devesh ji has gone through more than 15 thousand horoscopes and has a huge experience in all branches of astrology.

In most of the cases, predictions which are based on Indian Vedic astrology were pinpoint and accurate for which clients have shown their satisfaction. He is a master of Spiritual Knowledge, yoga and meditation. He is a Great devotee of Maa Van Durga. By the Grace of Maa Durga, his lectures on spirituality and technique of meditation has satisfied thousands of clients.

Due to his compassionate, helpful, sincere and simple nature, people have been sharing their problems with Devesh ji. With a desire to help the community, he went on to master many techniques like Yoga Nidra, Vaastu, and Guided Meditations. He has been voluntarily working for the society.

The motivation and strength behind his persistent work is the success stories of the people who have been helped by his true predictions. The list of beneficiaries includes students, housewives, teachers, executives, businessmen, politicians, managers and persons at top positions like IASs and IPSs, who needed guidance to easily go through difficult times in their lives.

Along with astrology he used to teach German language in M.M.M.U.T Gorakhpur.