Chaitanya Keerti

Chaitanya Keerti

Mentor & Guide

Chaitanya Keerti’s smiling face and soothing voice have an enchanting effect, and compel one to hear his every precious word! The outcome, of course, is even more impactful.

His initiation in Osho way of life itself is interesting and aspiring. It was in 1970, that Osho started initiating aspirants into his Neo Sannyas Movement. Soon after that, in 1971 Chaitanya went to meet Osho at Woodland apartments, Mumbai. After a long wait, he sent Osho a note in Hindi: _“Bhagwan Shree I have come from so far and there was no problem. Now I am sitting here and you are sitting there – a few yards away. What are these walls between us? What is this distance? Why I have come, I can’t express – I won’t be able to express. I have come – this is my expression.”

To his deepest delight, he did not only get an instant audience with Osho, he was accepted as part of the commune that very day. As he came out of the apartment, he walked into Ganapati celebrations – people were dancing. In his own words, _“I found myself dancing with them – I had met the ultimate consciousness embodied in human form and my happiness knew no bounds. I was not a dancer. I was a very serious person. Osho had filled me with a new consciousness that made me dance – an unknown dance. And the journey of dance had begun.”_

He has immersed himself completely in Osho way of life. He has been working as the spokesperson of Osho Commune International, Pune till 2000 and then moved to New Delhi to continue doing the same work for Osho World Foundation. He is the founding editor of Osho Times International and currently the editor of Osho World monthly Hindi magazine.

Having had innumerable close interactions with Osho, He has written three of most powerful books on The Osho Way: In Romance with Life, Osho Fragrance and The Alchemy of Zen. He also contributes articles on meditation, spirituality, happiness and other subjects in well-read newspapers and publications.

He travels extensively to various parts of the country as well as the world to conduct meditation camps and workshops. His interactive, intense and practice oriented session are dotted with humour and anecdotes. Like his master Osho himself, he too is in romance with life. A journey on the path of happiness with him demolishes our self-created barriers and leads us towards infinite happiness.