Aparna Keerti

Aparna Keerti

Practice Head – Tarot

Aparna Keerti, a psychologist, meditator and counsellor, is an emerging name in the field of Emotional Wellness.

A prodigal daughter, she was inspired by her father’s keen interest in spiritual side of life at a very young age. Emotional Wellness, she believes is more than just handling stress. It is being attentive to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

A master in Psychology, she is deeply influenced by learnings from Osho and Sigmund Freud. Though she began her practice as a counsellor, she quickly became aware of her bigger calling – and engaged herself completely in the field of Emotional Wellness.

Her practice in emotional wellness goes way beyond counselling sessions. It is an excellent blend of counselling, meditation, tarot reading and spiritual healing. She explains, “It is important to reach catharsis and bring out negative thoughts and emotions. Void that is created thus can be filled with happy thoughts, positive emotions and right thinking.”

She uses tarot as a part of her emotional wellbeing sessions, not to predict the future but to counsel and guide. She is of the view that tarot helps in getting a bird’s eye view of life circumstances, the influencers that you miss out otherwise.

Her practice, thus, revolves around making people aware of their thoughts and feelings, propelling them towards setting priorities and having a positive attitude and being more open to accepting their feelings and emotions.

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