Practice Head – Tibetan Pulsing

Sanjay, a young lad from Delhi became a disciple of Osho at the young age of 17. He was initiated by Osho himself.

He was deeply influenced and inspired by Osho’s way of life. Keen to understand Osho’s vision of life, he moved to Tibetan Pulsing yoga and was soon immersed into it. As he got deeper into it, he found it be grounded and practical technique to unlock the door to blissfulness.

He was part of the original group of people who received the transmission of Tibetan pulsing yoga from its founder Shantam Dheeraj himself. The complete transmission of tantric process from his mentor to him took six years. An avid learner and a devoted pupil, he leant intently, and with his own intuition and experience made it more adaptable to the new world.

It was in the year 2000, that he and his Japanese partner Yashu started teaching Tibetan Pulsing worldwide. Their sessions are enchanting, much sought after and life changers for many. Together they have brought a new dimension to their work of transforming base sexual energy into its higher potential, and made it a very effective source for healing, consciousness, love and spirituality. He has also gained expertise in neo-Reichian processes and holds sessions in the same as well.

Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is the name given to a unique advanced system of yoga, healing, meditation and transformation. Sanjay encourages people to take a dip into Tibetan Pulsating Yoga.  He says, “It is an amazing process. You enter into a new dimension, learn to look with eyes fresh as new born baby’s, unconditioned, uncluttered, a new mind and an open heart full of love. It guides you to an inner vision that reveals the secrets of this organism we call the human life and opens the doors to a blissful life.”

As per him the process of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is largely an unlearning of the conditioning and habitual patterns that hinder the path of blissfulness. It moves us away from false centre of ego to true centre of our being. Tibetan iridology is used to diagnose which bio-electrical circuits are blocked. It neutralises pain, suffering and anger through deep relaxation.

The process is partner oriented and is rooted in the tantric practices of ancient Tibet and can be traced to the great enlightened mystic Naropa and his ‘Six Yogas’.