Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
We are exposed to so many negative happenings around the world that whatever feed we get though our eyes or ears only convinces us more about what is wrong all around us. Research also shows that we are programmed to retain negative memories more than positive ones as a survival mechanism. We are so prone to this negative bias in our programmed brain that is takes conscious effort to retain positive memories. Due to this external environment and internal programming we start to strengthen our belief that life is a struggle, a battle, and so painful.  Most of the time we forget the reality that in this very world, right around us, so much good is happening, so many good people are there and nature and small children are dancing in joy of continual celebration! Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Why are we so attuned to the negative and so blind to the good? Researchers from the world of science have proven that we have three times more positive experiences than negative!!! If that is true how come we have so much negativity? It is our habitual negative bias! In the midst of so much perceived gloom, the truth is we have bathed in light more than ever! In gratitude, we find God truly loves us as we are.
However, from early childhood we are taught about what is wrong with our negative emotions and as a result as we grew up we started repressing them. We found fault with them and shoved them away! But this only generated more guilt feelings. Fear, anxieties, panic attacks became our companion born out of our own repressive subjective mind. The very act of condemning our “bad emotions” is foolish. Belittling one’s own self is a sin, not anger, lust or greed. What is needed is a compassionate unbiased analysis and bringing the light of awareness to transform the negative emotions and beliefs into positive light of higher consciousness. Mindfulness and meditation, prayer and selfless service help this transformative process.
Everyday we need to take sometime to be with our self. Time for an intimate unbiased one on one with our self, just to feel our dominant traits, our natural tendencies. Whatever is bothering us the most then we just consciously change these habitual thoughts with life affirming thoughts with deep faith in the power of universal wisdom and light.
In actuality most people spend their life impressing others, or even go into depression because of others. Are we here to live our life through the eyes of others? It is a kind of slavery. It is all the result of living life unconsciously. When we live our life following blindly the dictates of mind, then the mind takes over, and the mind is treacherous. Mind functions on the plane of the ego and false identification with body and fleeting objectivities. Whenever we repeat the same thought more than once in our mind, it gradually takes root, becomes a pattern and continues to take us for a run.
Meditation gives us our birthright back, to live consciously and conscientiously. It helps us see our self with unbiased clarity. So that we realize that true happiness comes out of our ability to live life with freedom, on our own right, and not depend on anything or anyone for happiness and peace of mind. That is true enlightenment!
If we have right thoughts, thoughts that are anchored in our Being, in the Presence within us, in the faith of God of our heart, then it gradually creates its own pattern of positive power and attracts all the positive, joyful, pleasant things and situations to our life. As we think so we become. It is for us to decide how we live today, this moment, and how we awaken to higher consciousness of divine life!