Parul Diwan

Parul Diwan

Behavioral Therapist, Trainer and Success Coach

Born in a family of doctors, Parul inherently developed a giving approach to life. Taking a non-medical route, she earned her Master’s  degree in Applied Psychology and has been recognized as one of the best HR professionals.

As she became more inquisitive about exploring human behaviour, she set out in the quest of reaching out to more people to make difference in their lives. She quit from her regular job and went on to learn, practice and become Internationally certified/ licensed Master NLP Practitioner from Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Added to her repertoire of skills is internationally licenced trainer by NLP Seminars Group International where she got trained by Dr. Richard Bandler.

Possessing two decades of experience in understanding and shaping human behaviour, she now works as free-lance coach and a trainer associating with children, teachers and parents, touching their lives in extraordinary ways.

Parul’s gentle approach to human nature and her experience in dealing with the challenges of human behaviour enables her to not only connect with people but also to help them seek new directions to lead a fulfilling life.

Have you been dealing with the overwhelming impact of multidimensional pressure in the various roles you perform or are you succumbing to your own limiting beliefs? Or does any kind of fear, anxiety stop you from taking action ?

Is your child also feeling the same pressure and gets anxious to keep pace with the growing expectations of the world?

Well, if that’s what you are going through, then you are on the right page at the right time. Surprise yourself with transformations that unleash your inner potential and complement your multifaceted role. Whether its relationship issues, addiction, family dissonance, there is always a way forward.

Book a session with Parul right away and explore how you could leverage Parul’s experience and knowledge to carve out a path to resolve your difficulties.

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