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HappyHo is a platform dedicated to Emotional Wellness. We presently have presence in the online space ( and brick & mortar in form of happiness, spiritual and emotional wellness events. Our website as well as ground events cater to both individuals and corporates.

Our target group is culturally savvy who ae looking for purpose, depth, spiritual truth and complete wellbeing.

We deliver reliable, relevant and engaging content in highly involved environment that provides a winning environment to advertisers and sponsors to convey their message in the most impactful and effective manner.

Primary Target Audience

Key Benefits of Advertising with Us

  • Happiness: A must have brand association
  • Increase your ‘Brand name’ reputation throughout the country by being in the right environment
  • Only website completely and 100% dedicated to Emotional Wellness both at individual and corporate level
  • Advertise to your Target Market in a highly involved environment and get more ‘bang” for your buck
  • Generate inquiries and leads from spiritual masters, wellness seekers and more

Advertising & sponsorship opportunities

  • Display ads on the website
  • Display ads on newsletters
  • Exclusive direct mailers (EDMs)
  • Section sponsorships
  • Premium listings
  • Native advertising
  • Event sponsorships

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