Happiness Infinite Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

It has been substantiated that there indeed is science behind Happiness. Research proves that while 50% of our happiness quotient can be attributed to genetic reasons and another 10% might be unchangeable due to circumstances beyond our control, a good 40% is well within our power to change. By managing that 40%, our happiness can be enhanced manifold.

There have been substantial advances in the science of Happiness that identify variable factors that influence happiness and ways in which we can measure happiness far more accurately.

Happiness Infinite is a platform to enhance happiness for individuals as well as for entire organisations. We combine positive psychological principles with spiritual and scientific practices to increase happiness.

We provide an opportunity to those desiring to overcome barriers in the path of infinite happiness, for instance negative thoughts, worries, stress and loneliness. Our practices are effective and measurable. They enable us to create more happiness in individual lives, families and workplaces.

Happiness Infinite is backed by leading experts from diverse fields including meditation & yoga, neuro linguistic programming, positive psychology and social innovation.

Our first extensive exercise under Happiness Infinite umbrella is Happy Ho movement. Happy Ho practices, trails, discussions, courses and workshops cater to Singles, Individuals and Corporates to create a feeling of joyfulness.  Recognising and adapting to these nuances is the key to happiness not only for individuals but also for corporations.

We invite you to be part of Happy Ho movement and discover how our Happiness is significantly influenced by the conscious choices we make and the way these choices evolve as we put Happy Ho principles to practice!

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